James Hetfield To Release His First Biography

Metallica's frontman, James Hetfield, will release his first biography "James Hetfield : The Wolf At Metallica's Door". Whether you are a fan of the old/new Metallica - or both... This is a book that may give us a better insight on what James Hetfield has gone through with his band and what may be the answers to so many questions fans have asked themselves for almost 30 years.

According to Amazon.com the book will be available on April 22, 2010 and is already available for pre-order.

"The first and only biography of Metallica frontman James Hetfield, featuring exclusive interviews and input from close friends and peers. While his story and that of Metallica are obviously closely linked, this first biography de-mystifies and assesses the considerable worth of a modern rock icon, with revealing input from individuals who have known the man personally throughout his astonishing career..."

"A must read book for metal and music fans alike, it's a landmark biography featuring Foreword by legendary Bay Area frontman Chuck Billy of Testament..."

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