Get Ready To Rock - Factory of Dreams

'FACTORY OF DREAMS 'Melotronical' ProgRock Records (2011)

This is the third album from this 'band' which is in fact Hugo Flores on everything bar the lead vocals, which are ably handled by Jessica Lehto. Melotronical is a concept album dealing with the evolution of an electronic molecule into a living, breathing entity, and the story of its life as it experiences all the normal emotions that humans go through. Fans of bands like Nightwish, Within Temptation, Ayreon and Devin Townsend (Flores vocals have a hint of the Dev growl in them) will love this album.

Once the listener gets past the sumptious inlay sleeve artwork (some truly stunning fantasy artwork that has you studying the details to find more each time in the pictures), the music doesn't have a weak moment. There are keyboards and guitars flying all over the place but never taking away anything from Jessica Lehto's vocals. She can hit the operatic heights through to some simply wonderous mellow moments such as 'Back To Sleep'. Hugo Flores not to be outodone fair rips through the vocal on 'Obsessical', giving the mighty Devin Townsend a run for his money.

'Protonic Stream' really stands out with some amazing keyboards from piano through to some 70's space synths. Both Lehto and Flores share vocals on this one and Flores gives his drumkit a fair pelthing midway through the song.

The music as well covers light and shade, with some distinctly Vangelis musical passages on the title track and the intro to 'Subatomic Tears'. 'Echoes From Earth' and 'Something Calling Me' are both slower numbers and amongst the instantly accessible songs on here.

Stunning, that's what this album is from the album artwork through to the music. If symphonic metal is on your musical radar grab this now, you won't be disappointed.

Jason Ritchie' - From GetReadyToRock