‎'That's what makes it all more personal, unique and honest' - Interview with FoD

LORDS OF METAL edition 113 now online - Interview and Review with Factory of Dreams!


Review of Melotronical - http://www.lordsofmetal.nl/showreview.php?id=18626&lang=en

LORDS OF METAL: Is ‘Melotronical’ very different from the first two releases, and how?

Jessica: (...) The tracks are indeed heavier and more complex than in the previous albums. Plus, as Hugo mentions, he has a way with not sticking to the norm, not making standard arrangements. I can’t think of many verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus tracks in the releases at all. I definitely don’t mean that tracks that are more traditionally built are bad at all, but I’d say the way Hugo writes the music is perhaps something that makes it a bit more unique

LORDS OF METAL: You do just about everything yourself, from the writing to the postproduction. How do you know if something is right or if something needs a little more work? I mean there is no-one to provide you with constructive criticism.

Hugo: That’s what makes it all more personal and unique and honest. But I receive inputs from Jessica of course and from some occasional listeners that provide some inputs. However, you’re right, it’s all done by myself most of the time, except for the mastering process. I leave that to other 'ears' and ‘Melotronical’ was beautifully mastered. But don’t you think that sometimes bands rely a bit too much on labels and producers, that thrive to impose stuff or to make the music ‘more appealing/commercial’, and perhaps the music gets way too influence or unoriginal? Maybe sometimes it’s for the good, but many times I see bands loosing their own mark and essence…