Adult chat

Two young women enjoy the company of a willingly bound male.

Author's Note: This is a work of erotic fiction. All characters are at least 18 years of age. Enjoy!


***Part 1***

He heard female voices outside just before the door slowly opened. The lights came on and he blinked as his eyes adjusted to the soft, warm glow from the fixtures in the corners of the room. Cozy mood-lighting Live cams for adults a cozy room. He was seated in the middle of a large bedroom. [empty] His chair was wooden, but padded and surprisingly comfortable, especially considering its extremely short seat.

He could see a lovely oak dresser in the corner to his left. Off to the right was a low, green couch that looked as inviting as any he'd seen. He could feel but not see the foot of a large king-sized bed behind him.

In the doorway were two young women dressed in what appeared to be comfortable sleepwear. In front was the woman who turned on the lights. Her sharp features were framed by flaming, wavy red hair that fell to just past her shoulders.

So it was Rose's turn again. He shuddered in a confusing mix of trepidation and lust.

Rose sauntered into the room with a predatory smile on her face. Even barefoot she was tall. She was clad only in a t-shirt and green boy-shorts. Her long, cream-white legs were slender but muscular. Her t-shirt, though large and loose, couldn't begin to hide the fact that her breasts were *very* large and firm, nor the fact that she was not currently wearing a bra. The wobble of said breasts was both delightful and hypnotic, and he stared unselfconsciously as she crossed the short distance to his side.

Though her gaze was fixed on him, she wasn't looking at his face.

Impressive, right? she said, turning to the girl in the doorway. At first he thought Rose was talking about herself, but then he followed her gaze to the other girl. This one he did not recognize. She was wearing light blue wool socks and plaid pajama pants. She had on a purple tank top that showed an alluring amount of cleavage, and though her breasts were not as large as Rose's he could see that she was quite aroused.

Her mouse-brown hair was longer than Rose's, and she had lovely bangs that came just over the top of her thick-framed glasses. Her features were softer, too, attractive in a gentler way.

Then he noticed her open-mouthed stare, her eyes glued to his crotch, and he remembered his own appearance. He was mostly naked, his thin muscular frame on display as his arms were secured fast to the chair, behind his back. His ankles, likewise, were strapped to the legs of the chair, in such a way that his legs were held apart.

This naturally drew the eye to the prize. He was wearing only the thinnest pair of white cotton panties imaginable, which were at that moment distended to truly amazing proportions by his cock and balls. The chair had a very short seat so that his swollen, shrink-wrapped package hung heavily over the front.

Even soft he's massive, but when he hasn't cum in this long it's pretty much always at least half-hard, Rose said to the other girl, turning back toward the man in the chair.

Ooh, look! It likes when we talk about it. He felt his thick cock engorge, further stretching the poor panties, and he blushed furiously in spite of himself.

The woman in the doorway didn't make a sound, so Rose turned back to look at her again. Kat, Rose said to get her attention. She then made a subtle wiping motion near her mouth. Kat blushed and wiped a line of drool XXX Live Web Cams from her chin.

Kat briefly tore her gaze from the man's crotch. The first thing she noticed were his pale blue eyes; something about his eyes made him seem both earnest and hungry.