9,5/10 review for MELOTRONICAL from Heavyworlds: http://www.heavyworlds.com/reviews.php?id=839

Heavyworlds, one of the best resources for metal music and beyond did a fantastic review of Factory of Dreams' new opus MELOTRONICAL. 9,5/10! But the best is for you guys to read it (in italian or just translate it).
An interview will also be conducted soon.

More reviews:

10/10 review from DJ Anubis:

"Each track off of Melotronical is exceptional with perfect craftsmanship that envelopes the listener to hunger for

more. The one thing that i feel strongly separates FOD from the other bands in the same genre is the fact that they

are not afraid to dive into the more pop oriented culture rather than try to hard to force the metal sound into

their music (...) The true beauty of the album is that its the atmosphere and intensity that excells within the

harmonies and operatic vocal work. "

"The chemistry between the two is fantastic and the worlds that they combine flow flawlessly together(...) Overall,

the album is just fantastic and beautifully written and keeps the listener engaged throughout the record."

"The orchestration and dramatic combinations of sounds and atmosphere are dramatically driven home with a hell of

an album here which is already my favorite of 2011"


"(...)a journey of sounds and emotions, an ode to joy, happiness, sadness, pain, fear ... From the softness of

PIANO jump to the ferocity of the guitar, and from the singer's excellent interpretation(...)"

"It thrilled me and I hope the same can happen with many of you!"