'Back to Sleep' from the album MELOTRONICAL by Factory of Dreams

'I see you everyday
In my dreams so deep
But I can’t find the way
I just wanna go back to sleep'

Factory of Dreams and First Edition Pictures proudly presents, the Intense Videoclip 'Back to Sleep' from the album MELOTRONICAL by Factory of Dreams.
Watch it HERE: http://youtu.be/uLQhutpXbCo?hd=1

A descent into the subconscious mind. A dark, eery atmosphere and a ballet of Light & Shadow awaits Jessica and the audience.

Let yourself and your eyes go as the mysterious film plays.

Produced by Hugo Flores from Factory of Dreams
Directed by Emil Jonsvik of First Edition Pictures

Melotronical, the new album, is available thru http://www.progrockrecords.com/shop/view.php?id=243
Also watch the Spectacular promotional video in 720p HQ @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJG0GHGBvRY

Visit Factory of Dream's Official websites:




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