How Parce Musik Works

Here you can find information about how Parce Musik allows users to read music news, stories and blogs related to those genres that matter to you. You choose the genres and we filter the content.

How We Filter Your News, Stories and Blogs

We filter the content throughout Parce Musik Site based on the genres you have joined. All the content displayed in the front page is completely filtered based on your favorite genres. This includes the sections screen, kwick sticky, outsource, music videos and the interviews.

List of Supported Genres

These are the current Genres fully supported throughout the Parce Musik Site. Whether you have joined or not to any of these genres, you can always visit any of these pages to see content that has been published under that genre.

metal progressive metal heavy metal speed gothic metal death metal black metal neo-classical metal trash symphonic metal

rock rock n' roll hard rock instrumental rock classic rock

Because We Listen To You, we welcome requests for new genres to be supported. Write to us at and make your request