Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write blogs without publishing them?

Yes, you can write blogs and save them without the need of ever making them available publicly in the community. See the How-To Tips to learn how

How many Genres can an Artist subscribed to?

An artist can subscribe to one main genre and two subgenres. This helps prevents system abuse and keeps order in the different communities.

In order to subscribe to one more genre than the allowed number you must Request a Vote. In you Account page go to the Join Genre link a then Request to Join Genre. This would be submitted to the community to vote on. Please provide as much info as possible in your blog (link to music, lyrics, proof) to help improve your chances.

How many Genres can an fan subscribed to?

A Fan can subscribe to as many genres and subgenres as she/he wishes.

However, there is a grace period before you can begin using certain features in that specific genre like commenting. This is done to reduce trolling.

I don't see my favorite genre, where is it?

We are adding genres as the site grows. If you don't see your favorite genre, simply drop us an email and we will work on adding it immediately. We don't make any guarantees but we want to make sure you can enjoy the site as it's mean to be.

Artists, if you don't fall into any of the current genres, don't worry. Choose the closest two genres and let us know by email which one(s) you would like to see in the site.

I forgot my Password. How can I change it?

  1. Request New Password

    Click here to request a new password.

  2. Enter Email Address

    Simply submit the email address you use when registering in the input box provided.

  3. Check Email

    After submitting, we will email you new password which you can use to login.

  4. Change Password

    You can always change the password sent to you in your account settings page.

What are the advantages of joining a genre?

The advantages of joining the genres you are mostly interested in, are

  1. All main sections of the site will be filtered based on the genres you are subscribed to., including
    • Articles, Outsource, Music Videos, Interviews, Screen
  2. You can write your own Articles with tags relating to the genres you are subscribed to.
  3. Only subscribed users can post comments on other user's Articles. These Articles must be tagged with related genres you're currently subscribed to. (*Users must be subscribed for a period of time, before they can start posting comments - this helps keeping throlls out).

What happens if I submit content without selecting any genres?

If you submit a Blog or Link without selecting any genre, then your Blog or Link will not be visible on the main pages (Frontpage, Blog Stream) to those users who have joined any of the available genres. Only users who have not joined any genres or users who are not logged in, can view them.

What Should I Write About?

What's the difference between the Frontpage News section and the Blog Stream page?

The front page News section will list all those News, Stories and Blogs that were either promoted to be on the front page by getting enough votes from the community, or by Parce Musik dedicated writers and editors.

The Blog Stream page will list all those News, Stories, and Blogs that were published by the author, but they haven't got enough votes yet to be on the front page. In order to keep filtering engine running in the Blog Stream, this page will not list those News, Stories, or Blogs that do not have been tagged to any genre.

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